Cannonball Four Seasons 2021 Race Series

Get your race on this year.  With a race for each season and something for everyone, the Cannonball Four Seasons brings super fun and intensely competitive racing to the whole year.  Cannonball has been gravel racing in its purest form each fall and winter for the last three years in southwestern and southern Illinois. For 2021 we are adding to the fun with two additional races, a spring mountain bike/enduro race and a summer all-road race along with our winter and fall gravel events.

Earn your racing stripes this year at Cannonball Four Seasons with each event you complete. Custom Cannonball Four Seasons jerseys will be produced at the completion of the 2021 series. These will be available for purchase ($60) for all 2021 Cannonball participants.  If you have earned your stripes your jersey will include them  with custom event-based stripes based on the events you completed; you will also get a 10% discount per event completed (up to 40% off) off your jersey purchase.

Finally, for the overall Four Seasons series we will be paying out the top three male and female finishers, $100 in free drinks at the Bike Surgeon Bar for 1st, $75 for 2nd and $50 for 3rd.

What is Cannonball? Cannonball’s are self-guided (with provided GPS files), self-supported (plan to pack for all of your nutrition, hydration and mechanical needs), multi-surface (gravel, chipseal, mud, creek crossings, asphalt, potholes, singletrack; expect it all) adventurous races that challenge even the most experienced racer.  Limited course markings, limited on-course support (call for pickup only if you can’t finish), LOTS of FUN and some of the best after party’s in cycling are what to expect.  Read on below for an overview of each race and/or click here to register now.

Cannonball Winter, Groundhogs Soul Crusher Gravel Circuit Challenge, Saturday, February 6th, 2021 $55

We are unveiling an all new gravel challenge for this year, the Groundhogs Soul Crusher gravel circuit race, it repeats over and over and over and over…..for 100K!   The most challenging winter Cannonball ever, with a 2.6 mile course that has over 250’ of elevation gain per lap…..62 miles and 6000’ within the 24 laps all professionally scored with chip timing to ensure the utmost in timing accuracy. Race this one by yourself or with a teammate and bring your cheering squad as this is the most fan friendly gravel race in the country with great opportunities to watch the race happen all over the course.   Results for the Soul Crusher are here.

POSTPONED Cannonball Spring, Lucky4 MTB Race, Sunday, March 21st, 2021 $45

The first ever Cannonball MTB race on the rocking CampO MTB course.  An enduro style MTB race with four separate race loops with a winner for each course and an overall winner for the day.  Loops will range in distance from 2.5-4 miles and will be published here prior to the race weekend.  Timing for these races will be enduro style; beginning and ending at a central location and done on individual tt with you punching the time clock your start and finish.  Each race will have a color-coded timecard that corresponds to the color of the loop being raced. To begin the race loop, punch-in and when you’ve completed that race loop, punch-out (just like your first job).

Bonfires, hooting, hollering, a great post-race meal, in-race nutrition support, and a BYOB friendly racecourse will make for a great MTB race for everyone!  Bring your friends, bring your family and stay the weekend at Camp if you want.  Get in touch with CampO at www.ondessonk.com to set up the details.

Click here to register NOW! 

Cannonball Summer, The Solstice, the Longest Race of the Year, Sunday, June 20th, 2021 $45

Rolling from our favorite bike shop in all the land, Bike Surgeon, in downtown O’Fallon, IL; this overland adventure will take you to some of OUR favorite destinations in southern Illinois via YOUR favorite route, true Cannonball style. With four destinations to choose from this event will have something for everyone, from ice cream shop to brewpub.  Ride at your leisure to one of the four destinations, enjoy something refreshing, then get a timestamp on your receipt from the destination for your race start, finish time is notated upon your arrival at Bike Surgeon.  You can do just one, two, three or all four with the shortest route just over 15 miles and all four routes totaling around 150 miles.  There will be winners announced for each course and an overall male and female for the day too.  We will finish up with post ride refreshments at the shop from Noon-6PM.   Ride destinations TBA and registration will open by 4/1/21.

Cannonball Fall, The Gravel Standard, Sunday, October 31st, 2021 $45

We will have a short and long as usual, both will have some new challenges, tons of elevation, lots of gravel and even more fun.  The short route will be in the mid 30 mile range with ~3,000’ of climbing and the long route will be around 70 miles with ~5,000’ of climbing. Cannonball Gravel Races are self-guided (with provided GPS files), self-supported (plan to pack for all of your nutrition, hydration and mechanical needs), multi-surface (gravel, chipseal, mud, creek crossings, asphalt, potholes, expect it all) adventure races that challenge even the most experienced racer.  No course markings and limited on-course support (call for pickup only if you can’t finish).  At the completion of your Cannonball there will be a podium award ceremony and meal at our sponsor The St. Nicholas Landmark.